About Us

At Cowichan Valley Stump Grinding we strive to offer timely, professional service at an affordable price. We use the Dosko 691 stump grinder powered by a simple and reliable Honda motor which has enough power to make short work of stumps but offers very low maintenance and running costs. These benefits are passed on to customers by offering very competitive rates. It is a wheeled self-propelled walk behind unit that can fit through 32" gates and doesn't use skid-steer tracks that can tear up lawns when turning. All efforts are made to be gentle on the landscape.

The stump chips can be removed from the site where they are delivered to facilities that produce mulch and compost or can be left on site. Grinding depth is determined by the subsequent landscaping plan, for example new trees or lawn to be planted or flower beds installed all require different depths below grade. The site is tidied up, raked and cleaned with a leaf blower and ready to be landscaped.

As an experienced and certified faller, tree removals are well within the scope of our work conducted and our insurance policy. We are not equipped or staffed for complex jobs that require rigging or multiple personnel, but we are happy to offer free estimates on removals too. If a removal is beyond our scope or we feel a company with, for example, a bucket truck would offer better pricing, we are honest and forthcoming in our appraisal. The Cowichan Valley is fortunate to have many top notch tree services to choose from.

Cowichan Valley Stump Grinding